Baile Mhuire Day Care Centre For Older Persons


In the mid 1980s the late Sr. Pius Collins and Fr. Maurice Brick saw a great need for an interim unit to provide recuperation and respite care for older people in Tralee and surrounding areas, due to a curtailment of expenditure by the health service. They set about the huge task of providing such a service and so Baile Mhuire was established.

The unit was intended to provide care for:

Elderly who need care after early discharge from hospital
Those who are awaiting a bed in a long-stay hospital
Elderly people who are temporarily homeless due to violence etc
People whose home may be in need of urgent repair
The family of the elderly person who may need a break from caring for their infirm relative
Baile Mhuire provided a stop-gap until home help or something suitable can be arranged.


Tralee Youth Social Action Group provided the local impetus towards this care for their senior citizens. At the suggestion of Sr. Pius Collins and Fr. Maurice Brick, they gladly undertook the challenge of spearheading the drive to create Baile Mhuire. They raised €12,000 by various fund-raising activities e.g. bed pushes, silver miles and 24 hour fasts. Other local charities, business people and private individuals gave generous support. Among those who provided funding were St. Vincent De Paul Society; the Gardaí; Mercy Sisters; Festival of Kerry; Soroptimists; the Lions and the Rotary Club. Their contributions raised another €16,000, totalling €28,000, almost sufficient to launch the project. The total cost of Baile Mhuire was €35,000. This does not include furnishings and fittings which were donated free.

Community Involvement

Baile Mhuire was built by the community. The Presentation Sisters in Tralee donated two pre-fabs and the Mercy Sisters gave the site adjoining their convent at Balloonagh. Tralee Urban District Council Engineers designed the layout of the unit and many People from all walks of life gave their time and skills willingly and voluntarily to bring these units up to residential standard.

Day to Day Running Costs:

The HSE provide a grant towards the running costs along with Funding from a variety of sources ranging from collections and lag days as well as other events and grants.

Current Staffing Levels

HSE funding Funding is provided from the HSE for the following Staff:
  • 1 Nurse (RGN)
  • 1 Carer
  • 1 Cook
  • 1 Part time Administrator

Volunteers Care for the Elderly

In 1990, 140 volunteers worked on a rota to supervise and cater for those availing of Baile Mhuire’s services. These volunteers or carers came from all walks of life and gave freely of their time

From Residential Care to Day Care

Baile Mhuire Day Care Centre opened in April 2014 and presently operates 4 days a week; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturday. It is already working at capacity with up to 30 Older People attending per day.


On the introduction of the HIQA Residential Care Standards it became clear that the existing accommodation was no longer suitable to provide residential care services and in October 2010 the residential unit closed. Over 2,000 people came to stay in Baile Mhuire in that time.

If you have any questions call us on (066) 7123373