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What Happens At Baile Mhuire?

Community Involvement

Baile Mhuire was built by the community, and many People from all walks of life gave their time and skills willingly and voluntarily to bring these units up to residential standard.


Volunteers still play a pivotal role in the daily running of Baile Mhuire and we are fortunate that we have such wonderful volunteers who give of their time so freely and generously.

Fun and Entertainment

After lunch more activities and games such as bingo are played. Frequently speakers are invited to discuss subjects like; Exercise and Nutrition and Beauty Matters

Routine Day Services

  • Morning Tea, Mid-Day Meal and Afternoon Tea
  • Nursing services with associated Health Professionals
  • Musical/Social and Recreational Activities
  • Transport where required
  • Hairdressing, Chiropody and Reflexology

Available Monday to Thursday & Saturday

Stroke Day Service

  • Morning Tea, Mid-Day Meal
  • Physiotherapy Programmes
  • Nursing Care with associated Health Professionals
  • Physical and Mental Stimulation Programmes

Available Fridays Only

Stoke Support Group occurs the last Friday of every Month

Better Balance Better Bones

A Physical Activity Programme to Improve your Strength & Balance

  • Do you want to improve your balance & co-ordination?
  • Do you want to increase your physical activity levels?
  • Do you want to improve your flexibility, bone strength and muscle power?

The duration of the programme is 8 weeks & each session 1 hour long

Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle


Shannow family resource centre photo

George Galvin

First and foremost it gets you- out of the house, you meet people and that means a lot. My wife, Mary and I have benefited a lot from coming to Baile Mhuire.
Family support image

Mary Coglan

My husband died, I wouldn’t leave the house, my daughters told me about Baile Mhuire and I gave it a try and I am here 3 years. The staff are excellent.  
Butterfly and flowers image

Mary O'Dowd

From the minute you come in the door there is a great atmosphere. The staff and Matron make you feel very welcome and to be quite truthful I would be lost without Baile Mhuire.  

Bob Savage

We are very happy in Baile Mhuire and I have great friends here. We are treated very well here .The food and entertainment are very good here in Baile Mhuire. It’s home from home
Group of people working

Mary Dowling

I love coming to Baile Mhuire. I have a lot of friends here and I enjoy the entertainment . The staff and management are fantastic here.
Group of people working

Mary Thornton

I thoroughly enjoy it. I made lots of friends. The staff and management are all very nice.

If you have any questions call us on (066) 7123373